Toot Toot Drivers Amusement Park


£41.99 £59.99


Hi. I'm a fun go kart. Let's go to the park for fun adventures. Go, go, go for fun, fun, fun! Ride, roll and tumble at the Toot-Toot Drivers® Amusement Park by VTech®. Race down the track, watch the ferris wheel spin, loop through the 360 degree track, lift the parachute up to watch it tumble down or pull the lever to launch the go-kart on the catapult ride! 6 interactive SmartPoint locations trigger fun responses when driven over. Play set also includes a Toot-Toot Drivers go kart featuring 3 sing-along songs and 6 melodies. Encourages imaginative play, motor skill development and an awareness of cause and effect relationships.

From age 1.

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