Floating Pirate Ship with Firing Water Cannon



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A pirate ship that can float on water and fires water from its fully operational cannon... what more could you want?! This set includes a ships captain and his first mate, with a parrot that watches over your treasure as you set sail on many high sea adventures.

Includes: 2x Playmobil figures, 1x boat, 1x treasure chest, 1x parrot.

  • Pirate Ship can float on water
  • Features a functional water cannon
  • Encourages learning through interactive play
  • Recommended for ages 1.5+
Playmobil 1.2.3 products are made exclusively from high-quality plastics, with no plasticisers. They are completely hygienic, colour-fast, easy to wipe clean and do not contain any small parts that could easily be swallowed. 

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