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Throughout October we're going to be focusing on sensory play for little ones.  Each week we're going to bring you a new blog of sensory activities that you can try at home.  This week we're looking at 'mess free' sensory play!  (The kind parents and kids love in equal amounts!!)

1. Discovery Baskets

All you need is an old basket and some random kitchen items which differ in texture, size and colour.  Items such as wooden spoons, washing up sponges, an orange, a dishcloth, a scouring pad, a small sealed pot of dried pasta (make sure you seal the sides with tape!) and a milk bottle lid are all really useful and well received by inquisitive little people. 

2. Sensory Balloons

Get yourself a packet of colourful balloons and fill them with different items (Don't overfill them otherwise they'll burst and then they definitely WON'T be mess free!).  Lentils, baked beans, chickpeas, water, rice, sugar, shaving foam and play doh will all be fun for little hands to explore.

3. Discovery Bags

Slightly more work to create but a worthwhile investment of your time!  You'll need some laminating sheets, some interesting fillings and some strong tape to secure the sides once you've ironed them closed.  Shaving gels, washing up liquid, glitter and metallic stars will all be a fun addition to your discovery bags!


4. Is it a bath, or a ball pit?

Why not fill your bath tub with balls and let your baby swim in a bath of colour?  It won't matter if they throw them out of the tub (No wet floors with this activity!); and being armpit deep in colour will bring a smile to your babes face for sure.


5. Spiders Web Sensory Basket

All mums and dads know that children are drawn to washing baskets (Usually when they're filled with freshly folded washing!); now you can make yours even more appealing by using string to create a spiders web for them to explore! Perfect for Halloween too!  

If you have time and want to make it even more interesting, why not use multi coloured string!  Will keep children entertained for an impressive amount of time! (Watch out for loose string though, don't want little ones tying themselves up!) 


If you don't have time for sensory activities but want some new sensory toys instead, check out the following on our website or pop into the shop and see our extensive sensory range:

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If you do manage to do any of these activities, please do share pictures on our Facebook page!  We'd love to see your little ones enjoying these creations!

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