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This year we're delighted to have a stall at the North Devon Christmas Market on Friday 4th December from 6pm.

The market will be in the Caen Street Car Park in Braunton and is sure to be a huge success.  

We'll have lots of familiar items you'll have seen from our website/in store along with some new stock which came in last week.

We hope you get a chance to come and say hi!  

Spoooookkkyyyyy Sensory Fun!

As it's Halloween this weekend, we thought it only right to make our Sensory activities green, slimey and a little bit spooky… but all baby safe of course!

Spooky Discovery Bags

First up, remember those discovery bags we taught you to make a few weeks back?  Well now's the time to make them again!  

What you'll need:

  • Laminating pockets (or freezer bags)
  • A bottle of clear hair gel (unless you can find some that's already coloured green, orange or purple?)
  • Food colouring
  • Strong tape
  • Rubber spiders, worms, eyeballs - basically small Halloween themed bits that you can pick up at a low cost


  • Fill your laminating pocket with the dyed hair gel
  • Add your spooky fillings
  • Perhaps throw in some glitter just because you can never have enough sparkle!
  • Use heat (iron) to seal the bag closed and then tape the sides to ensure they're extra secure
  • Give them to your little ones to explore!

Spider/worm ice cubes!

What you'll need:

  • An ice tray
  • Water
  • Novelty spiders or worms (or both)


  • Put your novelty items in your ice tray and fill up with water
  • Leave to set overnight 
  • Give them to your little ones to feel in a bowl and watch their amazement as the ice melts and the spiders and worms escape!



Creepy, crawly sensory bowl

We can't take credit for this idea, but we love it and wanted to share it with you!  Check out these Halloween sensory bowls for babies!  Full of fun things for little ones to explore.  Thanks for the inspiration Plain Vanilla Mum! 


Last but not least, why not just let your little one help you with your pumpkins this year?  If you start by taking the top off and then putting the pumpkin in a place where it can cause the least amount of mess (Is there even a place?!), you can let the little ones have lots of fun pulling the middle out.  Not only will they enjoy the gooey sensation, but they'll also do a job that you'd otherwise have to do! WIN WIN!


Our Halloween Giveaway Winner!

In case you missed it, we picked the winner of our Blade & Rose pumpkin legging giveaway.  It was a difficult choice because babies in fancy dress are just SO DARN CUTE but we couldn't resist this hungry little caterpillar… Congratulations Amy Slaney! We can't wait to see a pic of your little one rocking the leggings!

If you're still keen to get some Blade & Rose leggings for Halloween, you can get them here:



Come back and see us soon! 



Alphabet sensory bags!

In keeping with our October sensory theme, we have a fun, new way to work on the alphabet for you and your little you's (see what we did there?)

Alphabet Bags!

What you'll need:

  • 26 small paper bags
  • A marker pen
  • Sensory items beginning with the letter of choice

How it works:

Depending on how long you want this activity to last, you could either do a bag a day, or a few bags a day.  I would recommend a bag a day to let the little ones spend time learning each letter.

An example bag:

Let's start at the beginning… For your 'A' bag you might have the following:

  • An apple
  • An 'A' magnet
  • An acorn
  • A toy ape
  • An avocado 
  • A toy aeroplane

If  you get stuck for ideas, this link is useful for each letter.

Your little ones will love getting their new bag of tricks each day and you can create them using toys and household objects you already have in the house.  Try and include items that have different textures, colours and tastes for a true sensory experience.  When you're finished each day, you can either put the toys back in the toy box or store the bags away to play again in the future! 

Next week we're going to bring you some Halloween themed sensory fun for half term.  Don't forget it's not too late to enter our Facebook giveaway to win a pair of Blade & Rose pumpkin leggings!  Check it out now.

DIY Sensory Play

Last week we brought you some sensory ideas that you could do at home with little mess.  It's therefore only right that we now counter balance that post with a SUPER, MESSY, HOME-MADE sensory post which we think you'll have a tonne of fun with.

All of the ideas here involve non-toxic and are therefore safe for your little ones to play with (some can even be eaten!) but obviously don't take into account allergies so please be careful with all of these activities.

1. Edible finger paint

Pick up some plain yoghurt from the supermarket and some food die.  It's really that simple!  If your baby has a dairy allergy, or has not yet been introduced to dairy, you can use any kind of yogurt you'd like - rice, soy, coconut milk - they all work!  Who knew paint could be so delicious?!  

2. Halloween slime!

Not only topical but perfect for your little ones senses to go into overload! 

What you need:

  • 1 teaspoon Borax powder (Amazon)
  • Half a cup of water
  • 4 oz. (or 1/2 cup) non toxic clear glue (you can use white glue too)
  • Food colouring (Green would be pretty cool if you're creating MONSTER slime!)
  • Glitter (Just because we love glitter)


  • Pour glue into a medium bowl and add half a cup of water
  • Add 4 drops of food colouring to the mixture
  • Add a tonne of glitter… the more the better right?
  • Add the borax powder and watch the mixture solidify 
  • Pour away excess water until it becomes firm and dry
  • ENJOY!!

(For those who would like some more information on Borax, check out this post).


3. Home made playdough!

This home made recipe for playdough is not only safer for your little ones, it's super easy to make time and time again.

What you need:

  • 1 cup of plain flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 Tablespoons cream of tartar
  • 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
  • Food colouring (Because it needs to be pretty right?!)


  • Put all of the ingredients in a saucepan and cook on a low heat whilst stirring
  • When the mixture starts to form a dough, remove from heat and start to knead
  • Once kneaded, leave it to cool until it's ready for little hands!


4. Rainbow Spaghetti (Doubles up as dinner!)

They throw it around when you give it to them for dinner anyway so why not make spaghetti more fun?  

What you need:
  • Food colouring (the more colours the better)
  • 1 tablespoon of cooking oil
  • 1 packet of spaghetti 


  • Cook the full batch of spaghetti as per the directions on the packet
  • Put the cooked spaghetti into different containers based on how many different colours you're creating
  • Add a few drops of food colouring to each container and mix
  • Add a little cooking oil to the finished spaghetti to stop it becoming starchy


5. Colourful foam soap

Let us start by saying, definitely DON'T eat this one because it won't taste very nice! 

What you need:

  • Washing up liquid
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • A LARGE bowl
  • Hand blender/mixer


  • Add the washing up liquid, water and food colouring to the bowl
  • Mix it up with your hand blender

It's really that simple!!  You can mix as you go and decide whether you want more washing up liquid or more water etc.  Some people like bigger peaks than others.  Please note that this does get HUGE when blended so you'll want a big bowl, not your average size cereal dish!


If you're not so keen on DIY sensory play, check out these cool products in our Arts and Crafts cupboard:

Baby Zoo Animal Stamp Set - £4.99

Colour a House - £29.99 (This one will keep your little ones busy for weeks)

Create your own spin art - £5.99

Decorate a Dinosaur - £5.99

If you do manage to do any of these activities, don't forget to share pictures on our Facebook page!  We'd love to see your little ones enjoying these activities!

Mess free sensory!

Throughout October we're going to be focusing on sensory play for little ones.  Each week we're going to bring you a new blog of sensory activities that you can try at home.  This week we're looking at 'mess free' sensory play!  (The kind parents and kids love in equal amounts!!)

1. Discovery Baskets

All you need is an old basket and some random kitchen items which differ in texture, size and colour.  Items such as wooden spoons, washing up sponges, an orange, a dishcloth, a scouring pad, a small sealed pot of dried pasta (make sure you seal the sides with tape!) and a milk bottle lid are all really useful and well received by inquisitive little people. 

2. Sensory Balloons

Get yourself a packet of colourful balloons and fill them with different items (Don't overfill them otherwise they'll burst and then they definitely WON'T be mess free!).  Lentils, baked beans, chickpeas, water, rice, sugar, shaving foam and play doh will all be fun for little hands to explore.

3. Discovery Bags

Slightly more work to create but a worthwhile investment of your time!  You'll need some laminating sheets, some interesting fillings and some strong tape to secure the sides once you've ironed them closed.  Shaving gels, washing up liquid, glitter and metallic stars will all be a fun addition to your discovery bags!


4. Is it a bath, or a ball pit?

Why not fill your bath tub with balls and let your baby swim in a bath of colour?  It won't matter if they throw them out of the tub (No wet floors with this activity!); and being armpit deep in colour will bring a smile to your babes face for sure.


5. Spiders Web Sensory Basket

All mums and dads know that children are drawn to washing baskets (Usually when they're filled with freshly folded washing!); now you can make yours even more appealing by using string to create a spiders web for them to explore! Perfect for Halloween too!  

If you have time and want to make it even more interesting, why not use multi coloured string!  Will keep children entertained for an impressive amount of time! (Watch out for loose string though, don't want little ones tying themselves up!) 


If you don't have time for sensory activities but want some new sensory toys instead, check out the following on our website or pop into the shop and see our extensive sensory range:

A-Maze Rain Rush - £16.99 

Oddballs - £14.99 (This weeks #toyoftheweek so you can get 10% off with discount code TOTY until Sunday!)

Wimmer-Ferguson 3 in 1 Triangle - £15.99

If you do manage to do any of these activities, please do share pictures on our Facebook page!  We'd love to see your little ones enjoying these creations!


It’s official, Autumn has well and truly arrived!  The leaves are orange and brown, there are more wet days than dry (Boooooooo!) and there is a distinct chill in the air.  With the change in weather and grumpy little people (Having realised school is every day!); why not take advantage of our 'Autumn Showcase' - items which have been selected for your children to enjoy in the new season and for a short while, at a discounted price! 

All of the following toys will have 10% off online between now and 30th September 2015 using discount code AUTUMN. 


10.  Ambi Humpty Dumpty

This bright familiar character is a great way to get your baby to think about crawling.  The best bit is, when you roll him away, he rolls straight back - so he'll never go far!

9.  Air Puppy Dangle Bear Hamilton

What better teddy to snuggle on a colder day than Hamilton?  Not only is he fully safety tested and suitable from birth, but he’s also designed to dangle from your toddlers arms as he’s dragged about on different adventures.  A bear to truly treasure.  

8. Blue Balance Bike (also available in pink!)

With crisp autumnal days also comes an opportunity to wrap up warm and learn how to ride a bike.  This wooden balance bike features a padded, adjustable seat, long lasting solid tyres and easy to grip handle bars. Just push forwards and go! An excellent way to improve balance whilst further developing hand/eye co-ordination.  

7.  Manhattan Toy Puppet Playhouse Theatre

Inspire creativity with this awesome theatre and play tent which will entertain your little ones and their friends for hours.  It’s easy to set up and breakdown (phew!) and doesn’t take up much room to store.  Please bear in mind that the puppets are sold separately.  

6. Cut and play wooden food set

Looking for an affordable way to refresh last years play kitchen?  Grab a bargain with this cut and play wooden food set.  The set includes 5 pieces of fruit which can be cut in half using the wooden knife.  


5.  Woodlands Friends Bookends

These woodland theme bookends would be a gorgeous addition to any autumnal woodland bedroom.  A spot of decorating before Christmas maybe? :-) 

4.  Froggy catch and grip game

For the days where you just HAVE to be outside!  This fun froggy catch game will help smaller children with coordination who perhaps just aren’t able to catch a ball with their bare hands yet.  Set includes two soft balls and charming self-stick froggy catchers! 

3.  Giraffe Footwalkers

Perfect for indoor and outdoor play (win!); these lightweight wooden Footwalkers are brightly coloured and designed for little feet. Step up, hold on to the strings, then work out how to take your first steps! Excellent for extended play sessions among friends or to practice alone. Helps to develop balance and co-ordination skills.


2.  Colour a House

Looking for a warm, dry, indoor den for reading and warm cuddles?  This ‘colour a house’ provides hours of creative fun for kids and is easy to assemble for grown ups.  It comes with a chimney, a mailbox, birdbath and peekaboo roof window (as every home should!).  Already in the sale so with an extra 10% off, this is a real bargain! 

1. Hedgehog and Owl leggings

Everybody’s favourite autumnal animals right?  Well regardless, these cute Blade & Rose leggings will keep little legs warm, comfortable and super stylish!  Limited sizes available but if you’re after a particular size that you can’t see online, get in touch at


Keep your eyes peeled for our Halloween competition which will be running in October.  There may be a freebie in it for you! 



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First week freebies!!

So the website is up and running and ready to go...but the hard part lies in marketing and promoting the website itself. I was at a wedding this weekend and someone said something that stuck with me, 'The internet knows no Postcode'! (This sounded far more philosophical after a wine!) The meaning is there though - suddenly my captive audience has multiplied and I need to up my game. 


My first line of fire is through the power of freebies! So for four weeks from today (until the 8th July 2014),  if you order online you will receive a free Sticker activity book. It's crazy but it's true!

First Post

EEK! I'm very excited to welcome you to the Little You website and online store...and my first ever blog! What a mammoth task it has been to set this up but I'm so pleased to be at this stage!  Please be patient with any errors on the site. You can let me know and I'll sort them out as soon as possible.

I hope you find what you are looking for....I'll be updating products regularly and if there is something particular that you are after then give me a shout on or 01271 343464.

I'll be using this blog to let you know of any amazing new products or articles which I think may be of interest to you.

But for's bedtime!



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